Sep 29 2011

Off The Hook

Yeesh! I’m still recovering from the craziness that was last night’s slate of baseball games. But since there are better recaps than mine, I will just stick to one main point and a few little ancillary pointettes. Since 2007 I have had to live with the ignominy of being a Mets fan. The Mets if you remember (I sure do!) is the franchise of the historic late season collapse of 2007 which subjected the franchise and the fan base amazing amounts of ridicule. However, thanks to the Braves and the Red Sox even bigger and even more pathetic collapse, which culminated yesterday, Mets fans and the franchise are off the hook. I would like to thank everyone who made this possible especially the entire Red Sox and Braves organizations. Thank you for having a worse collapse than my poor, poor Mets. The lackluster baseball I have seen both those teams play this last month has made my memories of ’07 Mets seem like the ’27 Yankees. It’s even sweeter since the Red Sox spent around 5 gazillion dollars last offseason and still managed to blow a 9 game lead. Also special thanks to Jonathan Papelbon. Thanks for blowing the game. If anyone deserves the shame that you feel right now it’s you. Papsmear you are truly one of the biggest douches in baseball.


Most of all, however, I’d also like to thank Evan Longoria (my man crush beeteedubs) for the walk-off homer that completed the Red Sox failure.


Man crush

Oh yah and the icing on the cake is that Reyes won the batting title yesterday for the first time in franchise history. Fuck the haters, most players do what Reyes did so stop comparing everyone to fucking Derek Jeter and Teddy Ballgame.

PS to all my friends who are Sox fans: Sorry you are just going to have to suck it up and deal with all the shit talking. I’ve heard and taken a bunch of shit from all of you over the Mets. Now it’s your turn.

PPS to Frank McCourt: Thanks for being an even shittier owner than the Wilpon’s.

Apr 3 2011


The Mets are a mess but at least they are providing comedians with plenty of good material.


Apr 2 2011


This clip is even funnier and more appropriate after yesterdays Opening Day debacle. It’s going to be a long season Mets fans.

Dec 11 2008

Oh, My Heart!!!

Oh, my heart was my Pavlovian response any time the words Mets and bullpen came together.  It was usually followed by moanings and groanings, that was followed with yelling and cussing (and the occasional thrown beer), which was then followed by “I fucking knew that would happen.”  To make matters worse afterwards my phone would start doing the merengue with text messages as shit talkers wanted to rub salt in my wounds.  Suffice to say it has been a brutal couple of years for the Mets bullpen, and last year was particularly terrible–29 blown saves.

How bad was it consider these facts from ESPN’s Jayson Stark:

The Mets were 13th in the league in ERA from the seventh inning on and 13th in bullpen ERA overall.

They blew 29 saves — second most in the National League, behind St. Louis.

They gave up 61 home runs from the seventh inning on, tied with the Giants for the most in the league.

And the real kicker is how the season could have played out if they would have had some help at all:

If all games had ended after six innings this season, the Mets would have finished the year 11 games ahead of the Phillies (aka, the team that won the World Series).

If all games had ended after seven innings, the Mets would have finished six games ahead of the Phillies.

And if all games had even been just eight innings long instead of nine, the Mets would have finished five games ahead of the Phillies.

Wow that is just dreadful, now imagine how my heart felt by the end of the season.  I was on the verge of a heart attack.  This week, however, the hot stove finally got hot and the Mets have (hope, hope, fingers crossed) cured themselves of the late inning troubles.  Yesterday, the Mets finished the majority of their bullpen reorganization.  After picking up K-Rod earlier in the week–even though I didn’t want him for 5 years $75 million I’ll take him at the discounted 3 years $37 million–and yesterday the Mets pulled off a 12 player 3 team deal to bring J.J. Putz to the Mets as K-Rod’s set-up man.  So for one year at least the Mets will have an outstanding 1-2 punch in the 8th & 9th innings, and what’s even better is Aaron Heilman and Billy Wagner (btw Billy I still hate you) are gone for good.  Wooooo! Hooray and Good Riddance to both of you.  The work is not done yet and here is what I would like to see done before Spring Training.

1. Take Luis Castillo and chain a very large and very heavy rock to him.  Then throw him off of the Brooklyn Bridge.  Next sign Orlando Hudson giving the Mets an awesome 1-2 at the top of the order and one of the best middle infields in baseball.

2. Sign/trade two more pitchers and let Jon Neise get some more seasoning in Triple-A.  However neither of these new pitchers should be named Oliver Perez or Ben Sheets (who is a perpetual broke-dick).

3.  If possible find a good right-handed bat to play in left-field.

4. Someone anyone hook me up with tickets to Citi-Field Shea Stadium because prices will be kind of outrageous.

It’s amazing baseball season has only been over for a couple months and already I can’t wait for the new season.  Damn you hot stove.

Oct 14 2008


I swear this isn't me.

Today I made my way over to neverbesocial’s blog and read his entry about the lackluster end to the Cub’s season–I know it’s and old one but I was sans computer for awhile so I’m still catching up–and I was wondering how come I am still interested in the playoffs this season.  This despite the fact that the Mets lost to the Marlins again on the last day of the season, once again killing their playoff hopes.  It was so much more than that though, they once again had a lead in September, and once again with 17 games left they floundered…badly.  But yet here I am interested in the season after a mere day or two of grumbling.  I still care about the playoffs, and still check on the team news daily–when I have a computer that is.

This has led me to the conclusion that after the disappointment of 2006–swing the fucking bat Carlos–and the crushing collapse of 2007, the Mets have officially broken my spirit, and although I remain a staunch fan, I have the short term memory and the delusions of a battered wife (hence the BWS or battered wife syndrome).  Sure it’s not like the Mets have ever been really good for an extended period of time, but these last 3 years–especially 2006 though–were supposed to be years where they dominated.  I mean the Braves are a shell of their former selves and yet the Mets still get smacked around by them.

This brings me to yet another conclusion and that is that it hurts way more when your team sucks when they are supposed to be good.  I’ve resigned myself to the fact that the Mets aren’t very good, and probably won’t be again for a few more years.  (At least I kicked ass in my fantasy league.  My team showed the heart and fight that the Mets are clearly missing, and I get to look forward to defending my title–again–next year.)

The Cubs, however, will probably be good again next year, and they might just make it over the hump and win it all.  If they do it will all be gravy, but if the same thing happens to them again next year then it will make three years in a row that the Cubs have underperformed.  If that happens then I think I will be able to embrace neverbesocial as a fellow member of the BWS club.  The Cubs are known as the lovable losers and that’s fine when they suck, but when they are supposed to win, well, that’s when the losses really, really hurt.  That’s basically what the last three years have felt like for me, and now begins the slow laborious process of rehab with my power animal–slide!

When the tears start flowing, that's when I make my move.

Just how I like them, sad & weepy.

Sep 28 2008

Goodbye Shea – Live Blogging, II

Last post was getting a little long in the tooth.

Update 4:07

Wuertz gets out of the inning so it’s all tied up in Milwaukee 1-1, and in Queens 2-2.

Update 4:11

Nothing for the Mets in that inning.  Church after one good game looks like he is lost in the sauce…again.  It’d be nice to see Murphy take over for him in right, but then you lose Church’s defense which might be more valuable now that the game is getting late.

Update 4:14

WithWagner gone the majority of my ire falls on Showeneweis  and once again he proves me right by giving up a homer.  Why didn’t Manuel swap him out when Garcia pinch hit with a righty.  Fuck I hate you Showeneweis.  The fans rightfully boo him.  I can’t wait until that joker leaves the team.

Update 4:20

Well this shit doesn’t look good.  Ayala just gave up a bomb to Uggla.  4-2 fish.  Fuuuuuuck.  Brewers are up 3-1 so the Mets need to comeback.

Update 4:31

Things are looking grim, but Reyes just hit a ground rule double to right center.  Beltran is up with two outs in the bottom of the 8th.

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Sep 28 2008

Goodbye Shea – Live Blogging

Well this is it the last game perhaps ever at Shea Stadium.  This season has been a roller coaster of emotions and I have risen to tremendous heights and desolute lows with this team this year.  However, it all comes down to the last game of the season, and the Mets have to do it, again, against the Marlins.  Last year Glavine didn’t even make it out of the first inning, and hopefully this year they can pull it off, and with a little help from the Cubs, make it into the playoffs without having to play a one game playoff tomorrow.  I’ve been watching the pre-game show for an hour and a half and it’s good to see all the old Mets at the stadium talking about Shea, and some of the old memories. 

One moment they have been talking about a lot in Piazza’s homerun after 9/11.  That moment was voted the #2 moment in the history of Shea Stadium (#1 was game 6 of the 1986 WS where the Mets won on the Buckner error).  For me, however, that is my favorite memory.  Only in retrospect do I realize how much my life was changed by 9/11 even though I was 3000 miles away.  I was stuck on base when Camp Pendelton was put on high alert, and we were all ready to ship out at a moments notice.  All of us were still reeling from what had happened.  It seemed like, even in California, that the nation had come to a grinding halt, and everything that we thought we knew seemed foreign.  Baseball helped to normalize everything again, and when the Mets were set to continue the season against the hated Braves, I was able to put the tragedy in the background for a bit, and ressurect my absolute hatred for the Braves.  When the Mets came back with that dramatic Mike Piazza homer, it was pure elation, and just for a moment everything was forgotten.  Anyways that’s probably my fondest Mets memory, because I was a bit too young to remember 1986, and because still 9/11 is one of the moments that has so dramatically effected the course of my life.

Update 1:21

Currently still in a rain delay, game time is now set to 2:00 PM EST.

Update 1:58

Here we go, games about to start.  I really nervous about this game, and I’m even more worried about how Perez is going to pitch on 3 days rest–especially with CC pitching in Milwaukee.  Hope for the best that’s all I can do.

Update 2:03

1-2-3 inning for Ollie, and with only 7 pitches to boot.  Like Gary Cohen said “no 7-run inning this time.”  Thank God.

Update 2:13

Nothing doing for the Metties that inning, but they did make Olsen work–25 pitches that inning.

Update 2:20

A brief scare when Ollie tried to grab Uggla’s ground ball.  He stayed in but his control was terrible afterwards, but he managed to get through the inning.  23 pitches through 2, and no score in Milwaukee yet.

Update 2:31

1-2-3 inning for Olsen.  The Cubs scored before the inning was over, however, and the Shea faithful gave a rousing cheer.

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Sep 15 2008

Drunk @ Shea

Via Ball Hype.  Check out this dude that passed out during the second game of the Mets, Braves double header.  Reminds me of that Dave Chappelle skit where he talks about how you don’t ever want to pass out around white people because they will do all kinds of fucked up shit to you while you’re passed out.  Check it.

Aug 15 2008

And So It Begins…

I’m about to leave to go pick up neverbesocial from the airport.  What follows will be a drunken weekend of baseball, beer gardens, and, well, more beer.  Since crazy shit always happens to me I’m sure I will have some good stories of random drunken encounters to relay to you all next week.  My liver is going to look like a dried up cat turd by the end of the weekend, but it will all be worth it.

Jul 24 2008

Oh Yeah!!!

Oh Yeah!!

102 games into the season, and the Mets, seemingly out of nowhere, are back in sole possession of first place.  It wasn’t but a month ago, that many of us Mets fans were starting to think about next year.  The Mets were 7.5 games out of first and look D-E-D, dead.  Then somehow, someway the Mets pitchers started to pitch, Delgado found a fountain of youth and got his stroke back, and the Mets cruised into the All-Star break with a 9 game win streak–which they extended to 10 after the break.  Best of all the Mets are 9-4 against the Phillies this year.  After getting their clocks cleaned by the Phillies all last year (amid accusations of the Phils stealing signs.  The Mets now change their signs for all the Phillies series’) the Mets this year own the Phils, and are one win away from taking the season series.  Of course if Wagner hadn’t had been a little girly man on Tuesday it would have been a sweep, and the Mets would be 2 games up, but I’ll still take the 2 out of 3.

I realize that this jaunt in first might not last long, and more than likely the Mets and Phils will be jockeying for position throughout the remaining 60 games, but it does feel good.  This year has been a real test for the Mets.  They have had to go through some major adversity, and they have come through it all better and tougher.  These aren’t last years mutts, these guys are playing with a new intensity and purpose, and as a fan it is a hell of a lot of fun to watch.  Big week coming up as the Mets play the Cards, Marlins, and then the Astros; and the Phillies play the Braves, Nationals, and then the Cards; and the Marlins play the Cubs, Mets, and then the Rockies.  It will be interesting to see what the division looks like on August 4th.