Oct 11 2008

Climbing Back On.

Alright well my computer is finally fixed, and I’m back until the next time it goes down.  So look out for new posts shortly.

Oct 1 2008

Falling Off The Grid

The time has come to send in my shitty computer to get fixed, hopefully the third time is the mother fucking charm.  So I will be falling off the grid for awhile as far as blogging, and eventually phone communication.  Expect a Twitter update every once in a blue moon.

Sep 28 2008

Error!! Error!! Error!!

Sorry that the blogs have been few and far between lately, but my craptastic HP laptop has broken again.  This is the third time in less than six months that it has broken.  I hate HP now, and will never buy any product of theirs again, and I urge you all to do the same.  Besides the computer breaking their techs on the phone are, more often than not, rude.  Anyways I finally got this POS working, just in time to send it in to get fixed (what’s up with that shit, by the way, I live in NYC, and you’re telling me there is no where I can take it to get it fixed.  That’s BS.  I could understand if I lived in Wasilla, AK, but NYC there should be somewhere I could take it to get it fixed instead of this mail it in and wait a few weeks crap).  What makes this even worse is that I’m in the middle of a very important semester, and am currently applying to schools for my PhD. so for the computer to go down now is just terrible.  By the way if you’re reading this and you’re rich and you feel sorry for me feel free to donate money to me to get a new computer (just email me for the info).  This is the way I feel about both my laptop and HP as an organization:

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